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Democracy in Myanmar (hopefully!)



myanmarelectionsLong orderly lines formed in the hot afternoon sun at a voting poll in New Bagan, Myanmar.


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Myanmar is at a historical crux as it awaits the results of Sunday’s landmark election after enduring 50 years of military rule – and we are lucky enough to witness it in person! Over 80 percent of the voting citizery lined up as early as 3AM and through the blazing midday sun to cast their ballots, emerging with smiles and purple ink-stained pinky fingers. With it being Monday evening at the time of this writing, the results are hours delayed in being revealed but the crowds are already celebrating as hints point towards an overwhelming victory for the National League for Democracy (NLD). The opposition party to the ruling military-backed Union Solidarity Development Party, the NLD also won in the nation’s first democratic election in 1990 but the results were ignored by the military generals and military rule continued.

We’ve been lucky enough to make some great Burmese friends and they’re hopeful for a changing Myanmar. Some of them traveled hundreds of kilometers back to their hometowns to cast ballots and told us excitedly that the young generation is looking forward to much needed progress. Our time here has shown us just how warm and welcoming everyday people are and just how much potential is ready to explode from within that we are excited for them to jump onto the global scene as the newest cool kid in Asia


myanmarelections-3A  snapshot of Myanmar’s hand written election registration card!

myanmarelections-4Site of another voting poll in Nyaung-U, Myanmar



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