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Coastal Blues of Jeju Island in One Day

The Plan: Ride the entire 240km coast of Jeju via 125cc scooter in one day, and to stop at as many spots of awesomeness along the way as time would allow! It can be done easily if you plan accordingly and we’ve decided to share it with you to help your own coastal journey!


We hit the road at 10AM and headed eastwards towards Hamdeok Beach, the most logical point to get on a long, uninterrupted stretch of coastal road. We had gorgeous crystal clear blue waters to our right, the occasional white sand beach and an empty road – the perfect day for a ride! We rode past gigantic wind turbines among grassy green hills that carved the clear blue sky with their massive blades.

    jejuoneday-14  jejuoneday-18


Approaching the northeastern corner of the island, we were surprised to discover a parasol-dotted arts and crafts market on a pier in village seemingly in the middle of nowhere – yet with hundreds of people! Goods ranging from homemade jams and hand-drawn Jeju Island postcards to Native American dresses and street cocktails. We enjoyed the fray, buying lunch and souvenirs and admiring the rustic fishing trawlers in the marina.

jejuoneday-10 jejuoneday-13

Refreshed after a quick splash or two in the nearby turquoise water, we settled in for a longer haul and zoomed off down the eastern coast of Jeju. We spotted Seongsan Ilchungbong Peak from a distance, a majestic and enormous green crater erupting out of place amongst the otherwise flat sea-level coast. We began to see (and smell!) lines and lines of beige squid hung to dry on clotheslines running along the road.

To save time after we passed the crater, we merged onto the 1132 past Sinyang Seopjikoji Beach and raced down to rejoin the coastal road at the southeastern corner of the island by Pyoseon Beach. It’s famous for being located on a continental shelf that stretches out for over a kilometer from shore, making it a popular destination for families with children and neurotic mothers.

jejuoneday-24 jejuoneday-21

Making it along the south coast became of bit of a challenge, as it often cut away from coastal paths and onto the main highway. We zoomed through Seogwipo City via the 1132, since we had already spent a full day there the day before. Back into the forested boonies, we craned our necks up as a huge mountain in front of us got bigger and bigger with straight cut rock along its side. It was the very popular Mt. Sangbang, with a temple at its base, complete with a giant golden Buddha. Definitely worth a stop, even to just admire from the base!


We vowed to be able to make it to the very famous Hyeopjae Beach for a well-deserved swim and glorious sunset photos. We rolled up to the crowded streets of Hyeopjae Beach at 5:45PM, perfect timing for some frolicking among the sun-kissed waves. As the sun approached the horizon, I relaxed on a blanket while Jen busted out her fancy lens; despite puffy white clouds shrouding most of the sun, the pink & blue hues of the sky were a treat after the long ride.


With the sun done for the day, we saddled up and started towards home along the coastal road passing Hallim Port, a peaceful area of majestic wind turbines and green grass and silent village houses. As the darkness descended, a hauntingly orange moon filled the sky above the still black waters on our left. The coastal road stretch after Aewol Port turned into a series of curves uphill and downhill and was dotted with brightly lit lodges and boutique guesthouses. We even passed by the “UFO Café and Pension,” shaped just like the classic saucers of fame from the 1950s.


We hit the main drag of downtown Jeju City at 9PM, with a long but happy day of adventures etched into our memories forever as our favourite day on Jeju Island.

Check below for the route we used,  the English-friendly scooter rental shop and our centrally located hostel we stayed at on Jeju Island!



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  1. 10AM Departure eastwards from Jeju City via 1132
  2. Join coastal road by Jocheon Middle School (조천중학교) OR at Hamdeok Beach
  3. Merges onto 1132 at Gimnyeong Port but rejoin coast at next left turn.
  4. Road becomes 1119 past Seongsan Port; take left turn towards Shinyang Seopjikoji Beach, take another left past the beach and onto coastal road
  5. Merges onto 1132 (turn left), rejoin coastal road at Pyeonsan Beach (turn left)
  6. Merges onto 1132, rejoin coastal road via hidden left turn immediately after crossing a short bridge near Tosan Church (토산교회) – very easy to miss!
  7. Road terminates and merges with 1132 several times on south coast, we recommend to stay on 1132 to minimize getting lost/delays
  8. Rejoin coastal road at Mt. Sangbangsan
  9. Merges onto 1132 at Moseulpo Port / Daejeongseo Elementary School (대정서초등학교), then rejoin coastal road at next 4-way intersection (left turn)
  10. Merges onto 1132 just past Sinchang Port (신창항), rejoin coast at Hyeopjae Beach
  11. Merges onto 1132; rejoin coast at Handam Beach (한담)
  12. Merges onto 1132; rejoin coast at Iho Tewoo Beach
  13. Finish just before Jeju Ferry Terminal
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  • Mr. Lee’s Bike Shop, 064-758-5296,,
    They have English-speaking staff and a fully-English insurance waiver, and we were lucky score a zippy 125cc scooter, despite the high demand of peak season. Highly recommended to make a phone reservation in advance. Ours was a little pricey at 60,000 KRW a day, but the scooter came tricked out with a handlebar mount for our GoPro Hero 4 Silver, a smartphone mount, a USB port for charging and a roomy under-seat trunk.
  • Maro Hostel and Lounge (064-722-3560), Jeju City.
    Run by the friendliest young Korean couple. We had just casually mentioned our plan the day before and they surprised us the next morning with a map of the route with distances and highlighted points of interest. Not only that, they had also called 4 different scooter shops on our behalf without us even asking!


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