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Natural Wonders: Akame 48 Waterfalls

With most of us travellers and expatriates sticking to the Japanese cities, it’s literally a breath of fresh air to get out of the city once in a while. If you appreciate waterfalls as much as we do, take the daytrip from Osaka, Kyoto or Nara to Akame 48 Waterfalls, found in Nabari of Mie Prefecture. A place with water so crystal clear, you can trace every stone and bump along the entire riverbed, and even drink it if you’re as daring (or foolish) as one of us was (*cough* looking at YOU, Barun *cough*).

Although the name suggests 48 wondrous waterfalls, the number 48 is used as a way to describe “many.” But not to fret, you still get to see 25 magnificent, gushing waterfalls, ranging from big, small, wide and tall. Check out our photos for most of them, but the five main attractions are Fudo Falls, Senju Falls, Nunobiki Falls, Ninai Falls, and Biwa Falls. It’s also famously home to the giant salamander, many of which you’ll be able to see at the Salamander Center at the entrance of the trail.


To complete the 3.3 km circuit, the park suggests 3 hours total (1.5 each way). If you plan to take pictures and stop for a snack like a non-triathlete like us, expect it to be more like 2.5 to 3 hours up, and 1.5 hours down.


Prep your bladder, because there’s only two bathrooms along the trail. The first bathroom is one-sixth of the way up (around 600 m mark), and the 2nd is two-thirds of the way up (2.3 km mark), with resting benches near both. Replenish your supplies, Oregon-trail style at the single food & drink station near the first bathroom. Billboard maps are found all along the trail to compliment the brochure map you received with your 400 Yen entrance ticket.


-The earlier the better, to avoid the crowds. We arrived at 1PM and that was a pretty busy time.

-Bring your own food and water, as well as a plastic bag to store garbage.

-A tarp or picnic mat is helpful to sit down anywhere for a snack break.

-Shoes with decent grip are recommended, due to slippery sections and loose bits along the trail.

-A towel or handkerchief will help you dry off if you wade into the waters.

Getting There

HOURS: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

ADDRESS: Japan, 518-0469 Mie Prefecture, Nabari, 赤目町長坂861−1

PHONE NUMBER: +81-595-63-3004

FROM OSAKA: Osaka Station -> Tsurahashi Station via JR Loop Line, Tsurahashi Station -> Akameguchi Station via Express Nabari train on the Kintetsu-Osaka Line, Akameguchi Ekimae bus stop -> Akame Waterfalls via bus #11. 

Total Time: ~2 hrs. Total Cost: ~1,480 Yen (one way).

FROM KYOTO: Kyoto Station -> Yamato-Yagi Station via Kintetsu-Kyoto LIne on the Express Kashiharajingu-Mae train, transfer to Express Nabari train at Yamato-Yagi Station -> Akameguchi Station, Akameguchi Ekimae bus stop -> Akame Waterfalls via bus #11. 

Total Time: ~2 hrs 30 min. Cost: ~1,560 Yen.

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