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Welcome to Japan! Cosplay Galore

After three weeks of running around Osaka to find an apartment and set it up, we were going a little stir crazy and needed to do some exploring. Luckily, we didn’t have to go far to feed our travel-hungry spirits, since we had moved into Osaka’s bustling district of Nipponbashi – packed with shopping, restaurants, nightlife and tourist attractions.

We hopped on our bicycles for a little wandering around the ‘hood, when we almost ran right into barricades blocking off the street for a massive, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd that stretched for as far as we could see. We had stumbled upon Osaka’s anime hub of Den Den Town hosting its annual Nipponbashi Street Festa, an all-out free-for-all exhibition of the otaku subculture that worships Japanese anime and manga in all its quirky glory. Men, women, Japanese, expats, young and…slightly not as young all took part in the cosplay bonanza. Completely decked out in amazingly detailed costumes, they staked out spots on the asphalt to pose for the thousands of gawking cameras and the fans behind them, clicking away as if the cosplayers had just jumped out of a manga comic.
We joined the fray of photographers, so check out some of the crazy action below!


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